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What is EnviroCache

EnviroCache is a system that enables our clients to upload and secure environmental data from the buildings in your real estate portfolio.

Property Managers: Track asbestos or other environmental surveys, abatement projects in your facility. Effective system to retain the “tribal knowledge” of the environmental projects in the facility. Have compliance and due diligence data where you can locate when needed.
Facilities Operations & Maintenance: Data can be shared within your organization and to outside vendors as needed. This can help to insure O&M personnel are kept in the loop regarding hazardous materials and other building information in the facility.
Owners: As you purchase and sell properties, as an owner you need to have all your environmental data easily accessed, easy to share with others while also maintaining security of your data. As an owner you need the ability to identify past environmental projects and issues discovered and proof of resolution you need to have all your data accessible to maintain compliance requirements.

EnviroCache is designed to help users solve issues from any device at any time.

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